A woman presenting at Connect to London

Wales Week Connect to London

Last week SSi attended the GlobalWelsh, Connect to London, event where eight awesome start-up Welsh companies pitched to a group of London-based business people, investors, and entrepreneurs.

The companies were 2B Enterprising, Kaydiar, Bearhug, Used & Loved, Validient, Everknock, Pintech io, and Voltric, covering a wide range of specialist sectors, from medical provision to electric vehicles, property to secondhand clothing.

We were able to stress the importance of the Welsh language to all attendees – all were really interested in how we see Automagic taking our offer forward. They all realised the importance of Welsh language provision once they had established their offer and secured their immediate funding.

The whole event was sponsored by our old friends, the Development Bank of Wales who introduced us to our wonderful Chairperson, Joanne.

It is wonderful to see such a vibrant, varied, and proudly Welsh start-up business community seeking to influence so many interesting business sectors.

Nick Prichard