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What others are saying
Leanne 312e302d72656163742d70726f64756374696f6e790240a4296ffe51d94967a95342565989240b5841a47ed6e7b9ea5f3131b0fa

SSi is an excellent way to build confidence. It gets you speaking and really works! I'm very grateful to them.

Leanne Wood
Plaid Cymru AM for the Rhondda

Rachel 312e302d72656163742d70726f64756374696f6e6d180f00ad2515d6605ad6b7f22cb4b31ad1559ae6823976a0e5b0de134ced83

I'm on a four-month trip to Central America and about 95% of the Spanish I'm using here came from SSi.

Rachel Healy
San José
Costa Rica

Tess 312e302d72656163742d70726f64756374696f6eb5fdd9a7104f3a0c092e1d6d2da4660ecd1b3e5d6d412509070c2e511fea71c1

The SSi approach flies in the face of established language learning theory and method - and yet, it works!

Professor Tess Fitzpatrick
Head of Applied Linguistics
Swansea University

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Start speaking a new language today with our unique mp3 audio challenges. Choose from Spanish, Welsh, Dutch, Cornish and even a little bit of Latin.
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Intensive Coaching
Coaching 312e302d72656163742d70726f64756374696f6e8e41daae005044a8257cc4f3477f743f39dcdc4cbf9a467791545f92b7e89c09
If you're in a hurry, find out if Aran (the author of the SSi method) has any dates left for one-on-one intensive days, or join a 5-week group programme.
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If you want to learn more about the HILT method, these books and articles are a great place to start.

The HILT Approach (e-book)
The SaySomethingin Blog
Should you practice LESS? (e-book)

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