Yes, if you do the tasks and exercises that we set you – because they’re all designed to trigger actual neurological change, so it’s impossible to go through them without creating and strengthening the memories you need – as Jeremy Vine found out live on Radio 2. This just genuinely works.

No. You can work when (and where) you like. You can work through the material in exactly 6 minutes a day if you want, or you can do occasional 30 minute sessions – you can even leave it for a few weeks and then catch up in a couple of hours. The longest gap anyone’s taken so far is 16 months – and he was then able to carry on from exactly where he left off.

No, you don’t. You’ll start to USE normal, grammatical sentences because of the way we train your brain to recognize how to put words together – but you don’t need ANY formal understanding of how it works, just as you don’t need to know all the ‘rules’ for English. And we actually prefer it if you don’t write anything down – it helps put the right kind of pressure on your brain to improve your speaking and understanding.

We do, but it’s too expensive for most learners (our 5 day residential intensives cost a minimum of £5000 and our work with organisations is £2000 a day). Our online courses are how we make our uniquely powerful approach affordable for everyone, and our friendly and enthusiastic community (where our tutors also answer questions) will probably be all the extra support you need. 

Well, we’re biased! It’s certainly more convenient than being locked in to an evening class, and it’s a much faster process. But lots of people find that our courses also help them get the very best out of an evening class, if they want the extra face-to-face social interaction (but don’t want to get locked into the normal fairly slow rates of progress in classroom learning).

No. You can cancel or change your subscription at any time.

This depends on where you live – broadly speaking, if you live in the UK, you will probably need to pay VAT, if you live elsewhere you probably won’t (although this might change depending on government decisions).

You’ll be able to see any additions before you subscribe – our system will work it out for you.

We do everything we can to keep prices as low as possible while continuing to develop and improve our learning technologies for you – but no-one can avoid the taxman… 😉