SSi is a proudly Welsh company

SaySomethingin was founded to reverse the language shift in Wales, through the development of a totally original language learning methodology.

To make our “natural way to learn Welsh” as easily available and affordable to as many as possible we combined the most appropriate internet and digital technology with personal tutor involvement. This has meant that since its beginnings in January 2009, SaySomethingin Welsh has built a strong and active community of Welsh speakers numbering in the tens of thousands.

Welsh is core to our being, yet the SSi methodology is suited to all languages, so we have a long-term goal of creating courses for every language, especially those that are indigenous or endangered. We will also drive relevant technological innovation to improve how our methodology is conveyed, improving learner understanding and language uptake for as many as possible all over the world.

We have already added new languages to the SaySomethingin learning system and we more will be following. We are also developing our learning technology in order to give the best possible language learning experience. We have a passion for languages and language learning and we look forward to helping you learn new languages using our unique approach.

All from our base in Wales.