Welcome to SaySomethingin!

We’re a team of energetic people who are passionate about language education, working together towards a shared goal – trying to improve language education on a national and global scale, using the unique SaySomethingin Method.

All our language learning courses use the SSi methodology, which is based on forcing your brain to create and retain memories – this is what turns you into a natural speaker — it’s tough and challenging, but it works!

How the unique SSi process works

The Innovative & Proven SaySomethingin Method

  • Our teaching is based on building long-term memories

  • Memories for what we call ‘edges’, the gaps between words – each word you learn is presented with different leading and following ‘edges’

  • The more ‘edges’ you are exposed to, the more skilled you become at producing sentences

  • Making mistakes is essential, as it strengthens the associated memories by becoming tolerant of mistakes in conversation

  • All of the above builds confidence about getting into a conversation, so you naturally have more of them and that makes you fluent faster