Elizabeth Arista

A selfie by Elizabeth


Bore da! I’m here because of the Welsh siwgr. My boyfriend is from Anglesey, and I have been living in North Wales for over a year. I love Wales, it’s such a beautiful country that I didn’t know much about it before moving here, but now I feel like finding a hidden gem. I love the mountains, the lakes, and the people, of course. They are so polite, and I feel very safe here. I love the way Welsh sounds; so melodic, elegant and even magical. It sounds like casting beautiful spells. But the learning process has been a bit difficult for me because English is not my first language, and every Welsh course is in English, so it’s like learning a new language while practising another one. My brain gets exhausted! My boyfriend already speaks my native tongue, so I want to return the favour and be able to communicate in both languages. I am really excited about trying this way of learning, and I am so glad this community exists. Diolch!