Brian T.

Not long before my recent trip to Europe, including Wales, I heard the Welsh language through the band Sŵnami; and learned that I have Welsh heritage including directly to Rhodri Mawr, and people who helped found and settled a couple of American states. That all got me to start watching some Welsh-language channels on YouTube, listening to Radio Cymru, and beginning to teach myself some phrases. In the week I was in Wales, I got to where I could go for a few lines in Welsh only with someone and can’t wait to go back!

On my return home from Europe, I searched the net for some options to increase my Cymraeg and found SSiW.

Speaking at and beyond intermediate levels with individual native speakers = is what interests me most about learning a language. So far I’ve found SSiW to deliver pretty well on that front. After only one challenge people can speak complete, meaningful, and useful sentences. I’m doing the North Wales course, with Aran and Catrin captaining that ship, and they both have excellent voices for such a project. I really appreciate hearing the language in both a male and a female voice as I learn.

When the challenges are humming SSiW can be a lotta learning and fun. Heaven knows how much work went into making SSiW as good as it can indeed get.

Diolch yn fawr iawn i bobl am eu hamser, eu hymdrechion a’u gwasanaeth!