Events A presentation during Wales Tech Week

Wales Tech Week Networking Event

SSi went to a function earlier this week that served as a prelude to an exciting Welsh event to be held later in the year. We very well may attend, to demonstrate our e-learning platform to our Tech peers. It is Wales ...

Nick Prichard

08th Mar 2023

Category A seletion of images from the Welsh trade mission to ireland; including a choir band and two women playing a violin and a harp

Welsh Trade Mission to Ireland

SaySomethingin celebrated St David’s Day in Dublin as part of a week-long Welsh Government Trade Mission to Ireland. Following our desire to apply SSi methodology to indigenous and endangered languages, we enrolled on ...

Nick Prichard

06th Mar 2023

Community Six hands grasping on to each other to form a circle

Community Support

When SSiW was very young, one of the things that kept us going through those early days of cultivating were the little snippets of feedback we’d often receive from our learners. Like tiny green shoots in a new ...

Catrin Lliar Jones

02nd Mar 2023

Events A woman presenting at Connect to London

Wales Week Connect to London

Last week SSi attended the GlobalWelsh, Connect to London, event where eight awesome start-up Welsh companies pitched to a group of London-based business people, investors, and entrepreneurs. The companies were 2B ...

Nick Prichard

28th Feb 2023

Events A woman playing a guitar on stage

Launch of Stori’r Iaith

In early February SaySomethingin were invited to the launch of the new S4C programme, Stori’r Iaith, that explores what the Welsh language means to 4 presenters – actress and singer Lisa Jên Brown, The One ...

Nick Prichard

10th Feb 2023

Events People presenting at the National Centre for Learning Welsh

Croeso i Bawb / Welcome to All

At the end of January a SaySomethingin (SSi) initiative, we have been working on with the National Centre for Learning Welsh for the last six months, came to fruition. In a star-studded, bi-lingual, multi-media launch, ...

Nick Prichard

01st Feb 2023

Roots Campervan

Campaigners, Artists and Super Furry Dwarves

You don’t need six degrees of separation to get from one Welsh speaker to another – it’s rarely more than one or two. And sometimes the smallest villages are connected to the largest stories – it can be ...

Catrin Lliar Jones

15th Sep 2022