A presentation during Wales Tech Week

Wales Tech Week Networking Event

SSi went to a function earlier this week that served as a prelude to an exciting Welsh event to be held later in the year. We very well may attend, to demonstrate our e-learning platform to our Tech peers.

It is Wales Tech Week 2023, which will be held at the ICC, Newport, in October.

See for yourself at https://www.walestechweek.com

The presentation updated all attendees on how the event will promote Welsh Tech on the global stage through…

  • Illustrating the scope of opportunities for Welsh businesses to embrace local Tech
  • Building Welsh Tech talent – “from a talent pool to a talent ocean”
  • Showcasing Welsh innovation
  • Linking government, academia and business

A range of exhibitions, panels and specialist speakers are going to bring Tech to life around three key pillars…

  1. Tech for good
  2. Tech for the planet
  3. Tech for tomorrow

To further develop our distinctive language methodology, SSi aims to take advantage of the exciting opportunities being explored by the Tech sector. We want to increase access to the Welsh language so that more people may learn it when, where, and how they want, in the most engaging ways imaginable. 

We also would love for whatever tech we employ to be Welsh Tech! 

Nick Prichard