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The story behind AutoMagic (and the most dramatic change in SaySomethingin so far)

In 2019, four of us went to visit a company in Guangzhou in the south of China that we had been told might be interested in an English course for Mandarin speakers. We had a fascinating time, and we really liked some of ...

Aran Jones

04th Jul 2023

Events edtechX booklet

EdtechX Event

The great and the good of the global EdTech sector were joined by Tom and Nick of SSi at London’s Tobacco Dock for the 10th edtechX conference towards the end of June. What an event! Many of the leading lights who are ...

Nick Prichard

28th Jun 2023

Events Some of the team celebrating at the Wales Business Awards

Wales Business Awards

Way back in its infancy in 2011, SSi was nominated for an Inspire Wales Award and won the Global Wales category. For a company so young it was an overwhelming experience, but also an incredible boost to keep going ...

Catrin Lliar Jones

23rd May 2023

Partnerships Two people discussing something

Global Welsh – Business Spotlight

SSi is proud to have a long-standing relationship with Global Welsh – a superb initiative devoted to creating a global Welsh community.  Established in 2015, their aim, based on the belief that being Welsh is ...

Catrin Lliar Jones

21st Apr 2023

The Future of Welsh An article from the Guardian titled: "'This is a real moment': Netflix series cements rise of Welsh language drama"

Welsh Language Drama

A week or so back The Guardian ran a piece about the growth in the importance of Welsh language drama on our TV screens. This article highlights a wonderful development, even if hard fought and over too long a time. It ...

Nick Prichard

18th Apr 2023

Category Five Sri-Lankan students interested in Welsh Course Development

Welsh Course Development in Sri Lanka

We are really happy that some course development films we posted were picked up by Nation Cymru last week. Welsh is core to all that SaySomethingin does, but we realise that our methodology is suited to all languages. ...

Nick Prichard

11th Apr 2023

Partnerships An architecturally impressive structure at the National Assembly for Wales

SSi and the Welsh Government’s Latest Language Policy

SSi stands on the shoulders of the Welsh language. The history, beauty, and plight of this language were the catalysts for inventing our unique methodology. Also, it is via the Welsh language that our methodology has, ...

Catrin Lliar Jones

05th Apr 2023

Partnerships Learn Welsh Latest Logo

The National Centre For Learning Welsh

In recent years SSi and the National Centre for Learning Welsh have developed a valuable working relationship. On the basis that the Welsh language belongs to all, we have formed a partnership which has begun adding new ...

Catrin Lliar Jones

28th Mar 2023

Events The House of Commons Reception

House of Commons Reception

On the day that London was brought to a standstill by a tube strike and a huge march by teachers, doctors and railway staff, SaySomethingin managed to get to the point of their ire, the Houses of Parliament. Our CEO, ...

Nick Prichard

27th Mar 2023

Events A banner displaying cargo ship alongside information about Explore Export in Wales

Explore Export Event 

In addition to promoting the Welsh language in Wales (and all over the world,) one of the core purposes of Saysomethingin is to extend the use of its unique language learning methodology to other indigenous and ...

Nick Prichard

13th Mar 2023