Steve B.

Hi all, I want to learn Welsh as I was born in Llandrindod, but I was adopted by English parents and brought up in England, so I always thought of myself as English – I supported the England football team and everything, but that’s not the case now! But I always felt pulled to Wales and Welsh people, if that makes sense.
My adoptive parents always encouraged me to explore my Welsh ancestry, but I didn’t – I felt like I was betraying them.
I always wanted to learn the language and when I started working for Transport for Wales, I’d go to Cardiff and Holyhead and hear people speaking Welsh and wish I could.
Anyway, a couple of years ago my adoptive parents passed away so I did a DNA test and the results were 80% Welsh. This encouraged me to learn it.
I discovered SSIW and I’m really enjoying it! I’m currently on week 18 level 1!