I am from the midlands with a Welsh mother (from the Llyn Peninsula) who speaks Welsh and until a few years ago, Welsh grandparents living on the Llyn who also spoke Welsh (and many ancestors from the Llyn going back hundreds of years). Unfortunately, I was never taught how to speak Welsh, although I have always been fascinated by it and had a longing to learn it.

Fast forward to now and I have a house on the Llyn because I desperately needed to keep roots in the area after my grandparents passing and the more time I spent up there with my family, the more I felt I needed to properly learn Welsh to honour my relatives and keep this wonderful language alive.

Why SSiW? Learning by speaking is clearly the best way to learn a language, especially when I will be speaking it myself 95-100% of the time. The course seems really well structured and I’ve amazed myself that I can reel off the long sentences already.

I’m looking forward to utilising my new found skills soon and pushing myself past the embarrassment of potentially getting it wrong and adding more than ‘diolch’!