Mark S.

Hi, I first downloaded the original lessons years ago, years and years, after seeing the course advertised when I was on holiday near Caernarfon. Can’t remember where I saw the flyer though.

I had a Welsh neighbour, he was in his 80’s, originally from near Llanwrst. As a family they spoke Welsh at home, but went to an English-speaking school. His speech was very ‘guttural’, think that’s the word.

I used to take him to N Wakes through the summer, he was in a prize winning choir, so I’d take him to a religious meeting simply so he could sing

I moved to Telford so nearer to Wales, sadly ge passed away

I have other friends who live in Welshpool area, both English, but his wife used to teach Welsh at a school in Llanfair Caerinion. It would be nice to have a Welsh conversation with them.

Generally speaking, we used to visit Tywyn a few times a year, but have swapped to Porthmadog as we can drive on the beach!!

I started to learn the old course, and finished two or three lessons, but then my mother in law had a stroke so our time was diverted there. She sadly passed away, and I should have started again but didn’t

My parents are 89, my Dad has dementia, it won’t be long before he’s in a nursing home, it’s getting too much for my Mum

But if I don’t start again, I never will!! I know I’m going to have to spend more time at my parents, but learning Welsh could be an escape/cut off/doing something different that I could need (hope that doesn’t sound harsh on my parents, they don’t want to be a burden and are still quite independent)

Thus is a new phone, so I downloaded the app so I can grab time in my dinner hour to have a few mins. So new is the phone, I haven’t even got a photo of me, but I will send one!!!