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There is no conventional reason for me to learn Welsh. I’m from Northern California and I have no Welsh ancestry as far as I know. HOWEVER, I’m a huge language nerd and a bit of an Anglophile… well all things British, really. Right, just looked it up, and the term that defines my life these past two months is… “Cambrophile”: a lover of Wales and Welsh culture.

I suppose I got my foot in the door early last year when I began studying Scottish Gaelic. This led my curiosity to other Celtic nations. However, it wasn’t until May of this year that I somehow became hooked on Welsh. After discovering yours and Aran’s SSiW method, I realised quickly how effective it could be. Dw i wedi bod yn mwynhau dysgu Cymraeg yn fawr iawn! (Hopefully I didn’t butcher that ) but it has been a real, genuine joy discovering the Welsh language and culture. All I listen to these days is Welsh music and I hope to attend the Eisteddfod next August! Diolch yn fawr iawn eto!!