It has been a lifetime ambition for me to learn Welsh – I am now in my 60’s. All my ancestors spoke welsh on both sides – from Caernarfon on my Nains side and Rhosllannerchrugog on my Taids. My Dad was Welsh speaking until he went into the RAF in 1940. He married a Yorkshire girl and went into the police in Yorkshire and didnt speak Welsh from then on. I was born in 1960 by which time it was too late to bring me up bilingual. 


I used to be really annoyed that he didn’t, but understood as I got older. We visited Wales often and I feel a great emotional and physical connection (far more than to Yorkshire). My cousins all speak/understand Welsh. I discovered SSIW while doing the taster and entry level courses with Nant Gwrtheyrn. Finding that I could do ‘Cymraeg y Gogledd’ was a lifechanger as I always assumed everything would be south Welsh based and it wouldnt connect me with my north Welsh roots. Now at challenge 12 of Level 1 and loving it. I do it every day while walking the dog (at least once)!