David B.

A variety of reasons…

I’ve been going on holiday to Wales for fifty years, and I’ve always thought it would be good to learn Welsh. It seems rude not to try to understand something so important in the life, history and tradition of the country. I’ve had a couple of goes over the years, but RealLife™ got in the way.
I’m intrigued at the theory behind the course and wanted to give it a go.
I want to understand Jonathan Davies commentate on the rygbi. As an aside, I was a little surprised to see that Level 1 ignored the rygbi in favour of something called ‘ball-foot’. I trust that Level 2 will soon talking about sgrymiau and yr blaenasgellwr ochr dywyll.
In truth: the first and second are the main reasons.
I think I’ll have succeeded when I can do number 3 comfortably. It will make up for the pain of England losing.