Andrew H

Hello all, so after putting it off for no real good reason other than being a bit nervous I finally had my first conversation in Welsh today – and it was great! I live in London and don’t have anyone I know nearby who speaks Welsh so I took advantage of the brilliant 1:1 and discussion resource on the SSiW Slack channel.

I can’t thank Nia enough for her patience and encouragement and was lucky that nobody else joined today so I had half an hour of conversation almost entirely in Welsh. I was in work and it was the strangest feeling going back to my desk and actually having to think for a second or two to speak in English as I’d been concentrating so hard – something I never thought would happen!

I’ve crammed doing the three levels of the new course and a level and a half of the old course into about four months and definitely need to revisit challenges but learning with SSiW has been such a positive experience for me so far and I am still on a real high after realising I held a decent(ish) conversation over a good amount of time.