Dear member of the SSiW community,

It is you, our ever growing family of Welsh learners, who are at the core of this company. 

The experience and wisdom you gain as you journey towards owning this language is invaluable to every new member who signs up.

It is always a privilege seeing you, our new Welsh speakers, inspire those learning to say ‘Dw i isho’ / ‘dw i’n moyn’ for the very first time.

The messages of support and advice you share with others on our forum, the tales of your learning journeys and those wonderful videos you send us of yourselves speaking Welsh are invaluable – diolch.

If you feel encouraged to share more, or would like to contribute for the first time, this document offers guidelines on how you can do this easily and efficiently.

Learning Stories

If you are learning Welsh with SSi, then why not contribute to the Learning Stories page on our new website? We would love for you to share with us why you’re learning Welsh, what brought you to SSiW and how your learning journey is going. Also, a photograph of yourself to accompany your story would be wonderful. 

Testimonial Videos

If you have learnt Welsh with SSi and would like to share your thoughts via video, on how our methodology has helped you become a new Welsh speaker, we would love to hear from you.

Send your contributions to Catrin here

Trustpilot Reviews

SSi are now registered on TrustPilot, the reviews website. If you happen to have a few minutes spare, we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Diolch yn fawr iawn in advance to you all for any input.

Other ways to contribute

Online Forum: Here at SSi  we always value your presence in our online forum. Our online community is welcoming and supportive. It is an informative and friendly place where you’ll find discussion threads on all manner of topics to do with learning Welsh, the Welsh culture and much more. 

Blog: Our new website has a page dedicated to English language blogs. If you have an interesting story about your journey to the Welsh language, which could make a good blog post, then please let us know.

Send your blog ideas to Catrin here

Learner Events: You are welcome to advertise events for learners on our online forum.