SSiW Bootcamp – Welsh in the Wild!

For a maximum of 10 people on each camp, there is a new and dramatic way to improve your Welsh more than you could possibly expect.  [For location and other details, please scroll to the bottom!]

Hear what Alan thought of it:

If you already use SaySomethinginWelsh, the way in which our Bootcamps work should come as no surprise!

If you don’t use SaySomethinginWelsh, it might be a great idea to give it a go before coming to one of our Bootcamps – because it seems to do a great job of helping even advanced learners actually use their Welsh more confidently and spontaneously.

Filling in the Gap

SSiW Bootcamp is designed to fill in the gap between Welsh lessons (ours, or anyone else’s) and real life – or ‘Welsh in the Wild’, as we call it.

It is NOT a course! We will NOT be having lessons!

Instead, we will be having fun…:-)

Here’s what Dee thought of that promise:

SSiW Bootcamp ia a week long holiday, running from Saturday to Saturday at the Centre at, in one of two cheerful dorm-rooms with bunk beds for 20 (one for women, one for men).

You’ll need to chip in a bit each day for communal meals (that’s part of how we keep the cost so extremely competitive). This is ususally £4-5 a day for some fantastic evening meals!

Huw certainly found it helped him:


And you will speak NO English – as in NO ENGLISH AT ALL! – for the entire week.


Instead, you will take part in a variety of games, activities, trips and out-and-out socialising all through the medium of Welsh – however much Welsh you have! Tutors will be on hand at all times to save you in the event of any potentially fatal misunderstandings, and you will have a little ‘cheat’ card reminding you how to say a small collection of particularly urgent phrases (like ‘Where’s the loo?’) in Welsh, and you will also have a small amount of relaxation time each day.

Well, we say relaxation, but what we really mean is ‘a chance to listen to some SaySomethinginWelsh mp3 files’…:-)

Spenny enjoyed it more than he thought he would!

By the end of the week, your Welsh will have taken a HUGE leap forward. We guarantee that. If you reach the end of the week, and you’re not delighted with the difference, we’ll refund you. Seriously. Apart from your non-refundable deposit!

Colin did amazingly well:

And Ali is coming back soon!

Will we be able to keep it this cheap?

SSiW Bootcamp costs £349 + £10 booking fee (not including food). If you live locally and would like to come along to the evening activities, you’d be very welcome – just get in touch with us at bootcamp[at]

If you would rather not stay in the dormitory, get in touch with us – we may be able to help arrange discounted accommodation in the excellent holiday flats next door to the Canolfan where we’ll be staying.

More information and latest booking links are available on the bootcamp section of our forum here: You'll need to pay in full to reserve a place, and we must emphasise that payments are non-refundable - if you think you might need to change your plans, please consider taking out holiday insurance to cover the possibility.

We’ll look forward to seeing you there!…:-)

Aran, Iestyn, Catrin & Cat

P.S. If you’d like to read what some previous Bootcampers thought about the week, click HERE.

Bob showed real guts to keep at it:

The yellow building at the far end of the row of houses you can see below is the Canolfan. You can click and hold with your mouse to change the viewpoint, and double click to move around Tresaith – thanks to Google Streetview…:-)

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Below: The building with a large ship painted on the side here is, er, The Ship – our home-from-home base in Tresaith – and the small blue building you can see a bit further down the road towards the beach is the shop where we try to have at least one coffee afternoon…:-)

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Here’s a map of the location of Bootcamp:

View SSiW Bootcamp – Tresaith in a larger map

You might also like to look at Catrin's overview 'All you need to know about Bootcamp' on the forum:

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Getting around in Wales

(with thanks to Danny Withington)

The country is served by rail and Traws Cymru (long-distance bus) services, with local buses branching off and serving towns and villages throughout the area. 

Here are a few links that may be useful if public transport is the way you want to go :) :

- Summary transport map:

- Detailed transport map:

- Rail information:

- Traws Cymru information:

- Local bus timetables are available from local council websites or on the Traveline website:


Happy Bootcamping!