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A new approach to learning Spanish

You're probably here because you've heard about our breathtakingly intensive residential courses (see here) - but you don't have a spare 5 days or a spare £3k right now.

We're working on a more affordable approach - available either as an intensive or a more leisurely online course, with video support groups - when it's launched, it's going to cost £240.

In the meantime, although we haven't got anything specifically available for people who can't come on an intensive residential, we thought that we could just let you have access to EXACTLY the materials we use on those courses.

That's 50 half-hour audio practice sessions using our unique methodology - the SaySomethingin Method - and 9 accelerated listening exercises, an approach we've developed to strengthening your conversational understanding skills which isn't currently available anywhere else.

Until we launch the guided online course for £240, you can get all those materials here right now: for just £100.

Payment required: £100.00
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SSi is an excellent way to build confidence. It gets you speaking and really works! I'm very grateful to them.

Rachel Healy
San José
Costa Rica