We can help you become a Welsh speaker in 3 different ways:
6 Month
Welsh Speaker
On our flagship course, we guarantee that you will be a confident Welsh speaker in 6 months - if you're not, we'll give you a full refund (we believe we're the only Welsh course that offers that).

You'll be led through the vast majority of what we put people through on our hugely effective 5 day 'Brain Shock' intensive courses (which start at £1000 per person). We email you a weekly set of tasks, and you'll have access to a weekly group video call with a live tutor for any questions you have, and another weekly group video call to practise speaking and listening.


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2 Year
Welsh Speaker
Our 2 year course is a great fit for you if you can't commit the 2 to 4 hours a week for our 6 month course. It will get you through the same work, at a more leisurely rate, and will eventually get you to the same impressive results.
And even though it's a slower process, it's still covered by our unusual guarantee - if you don't feel it's working, all you have to do is stop doing the work, and we'll notice and refund you.

But you still have weekly tasks, and you still get a weekly video hot-seat session for Q&A and speaking practice.


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10 Day
Our 10 day 'Brain Shock' intensives can take you from absolute zero to real conversations - and if you already have some Welsh under your belt, you can achieve even more eye-catching results.

Results like this come at a price, though - these courses are incredibly challenging, absolutely exhausting, and very expensive.

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Here's how some of our learners did on a 5 day intensive - our 10 day intensives or 6 Month Welsh Speaker courses aim to take you further...