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Course 1

Welcome to the Welsh learning podcasts that 1000s of people around the world are using! Speaking is the most important skill to learn with any language, and that is what you will learn with SaySomethinginWelsh.

Because this is a new approach to learning a language, we advise you to start from lesson one whether you're a total beginner or an experienced learner. The important things to remember are: 

1. Don't worry! You learn better when you're relaxed, so don't be a perfectionist, and enjoy each lesson =)

2.Try to practice regularly. SSiW provides practice speaking and listening sessions you can use for this (the listening is particularly important). Making up your own sentences and listening to Welsh radio both help too. Practicing small chunks regularly (preferably daily) will be more helpful to you than doing large chunks less often..

3. Speak first, read and write later. Reading and writing are important skills, but before you know how to speak and understand the language, they can actually hinder progress. Your mind naturally interprets the things you read and it can have a subconscious effect on the way you pronounce words. It will make a huge difference to your learning if you get on board with the SSiW principle of learning to speak and understand Welsh first of all.

4. Use the forum. Don't forget to make use of the friendliest forum on the internet, the SSiW Forum.

For more on how to learn best with our course, take a look at our How To guide HowTo03 - LearnWelshTheSSiWWay

Lesson Guides

Please only use these to check if you're hearing the right sounds, if you really need to.  If you try and use them at the same time as you're doing a lesson, it won't work properly...:-)



Our rugby lesson

You might find this short-ish session a bit of fun, if you're interested in rugby:


High Intensity Language Training

And you might find it interesting and helpful to get a copy of Aran's 'High Intensity Language Training' on Kindle - a number of reviewers have said they wish that it had been available when they started to learn.

High Intensity Language Training on Kindle UK for 77p

High Intensity Language Training on Kindle US for 99c


1 - What is High Intensity Language Training? 

2 - How the Act of Speaking Affects Your Synapses 

3 - The Cumulative Effect of Formulaic Blocks 

4 - Turning the Sea into the Land: How We Extrapolate 

5 - The Unexpected Value of Exaggerated Rest Periods 

6 - How Accelerated Listening Exercises Change Your Brain 

7 - Putting It All Together: Your Choice of Learning Schedules 

8 - Getting Started: Preparing Yourself Emotionally and Psychologically 

9 - Materials You Can Use for High Intensity Language Training 

10 - H.I.L.T. Spanish Bobsled Run 

11 - References and links

[If you don't have a Kindle, just Google 'Kindle app' and you can download a free Kindle reader for whatever platform you're on: PC, Mac, Android or iOS.  If you can't use Amazon in the UK or the US, just search for 'High Intensity Language Training' on your local Amazon.]

Unfortunately, we don't have hard copies available yet, but we're looking into print-on-demand service, so we'll put details in here as soon as we alternative options.