The SSiW Six Month Welsh Speaker Course

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Become a Welsh speaker in 6 months - or your money back

This course is based on our popular SaySomethingin Method, fine-tuned to include the most powerful tactics from our 10 day ‘Brain Shock’ intensive residential courses.

Our 10 day 'Brain Shock' courses are transformational, and with this 6 Month Welsh Speaker course, you're going to be covering the vast majority of what they achieve.

Here's a short video showing what a difference even one of our shorter, 5 day 'Brain Shock' courses makes:

But you're going to be achieving more than that - you're going to get through at least as much (and in some ways, more) than our 10 day 'Brain Shock' courses.

But because you're doing it at home - so we don't have to book accommodation for you - you won't need to pay £2000 for these results.

"People from SaySomethinginWelsh are streets ahead of everybody else!"
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So how exactly will it work?

Each week, on Monday, you will receive a set of tasks (which will never take you more than 4 hours - and you choose when to complete them).

Each week, you have a wide choice of different live group video practice sessions - with tutors - we're currently offering Monday and Friday afternoons, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and Wednesday mornings - you can check in the community for up-to-the-minute timings - and we've got even more starting soon. And, any time you can't make the class live, we'll give you access to the recording.

You’ll also have 24 hour access to our forum and email support.

We’ll never leave you struggling to figure things out on your own.

"Thrilled to finally be a Welsh speaker!"
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At the end of the course, if you're not delighted with what you've achieved, we'll refund you in full.

It's not like an ordinary refund

Most guarantees ring hollow - in fact, you've probably signed up for things yourself, and never even got around to using them.

We're different.

If you sign up to learn with us, you've got TWO different ways you can stop paying.

You can just stop your monthly payments - at any time, for any reason. You're NEVER locked in.

Or, at the end of the course, if you're not happy with what you've achieved, just let us know, and we'll refund you IN FULL.

Yes - we'll refund you ALL your monthly payments if you aren't happy with your Welsh at the end of the course.

Unusual, yes.

Don't try asking your phone company to repay a year's worth of monthly payments! :-)

But we genuinely care about turning people into Welsh speakers.

"Welsh bubbling through every thought or activity"
Karen 66633b76c7909976163c2fc4cca42d89be9ca22bf62a5eb0f387f8c5d937ca4c
And learning Welsh successfully is genuinely exciting!

Here are some of your fellow learners in your private 6 month community.

Look at how excited they are on a Monday morning:

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Imagine doing so well with your Welsh that you feel as excited and enthusiastic on a Monday morning as they do!

Or - even better - don't just imagine it.

Come on in and SEE how much you improve in just your first month.

If you're not delighted, just let us know, and we'll refund you.

And instead of paying £500 a day for our on-site business coaching (for a minimum of 10 days) or £1000 for our residential intensives, you'll just pay £240 (in 6 monthly instalments) or £200 if you pay up front.

And in just 6 months from now - guaranteed - you'll be speaking Welsh.

Payment options:
  • 6 monthly payments of £40 (total: £240)
  • One single payment of £200 (£40 discount)
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  • You choose your own schedule (no more missing classes)
  • You work in the comfort of your own home
  • You get to ‘meet’ your tutor and fellow learners via video
  • You get access to our proprietary learning materials
  • You get tasks built on the most successful elements of our 5 day intensive courses
  • You have 24 hour forum/email support
  • You become a Welsh speaker in 6 months (or we refund you)


  • You don’t get your own desk
  • You don’t get watery ‘Welsh class coffee’ in the break
  • You’re not close enough to your tutor to hit them if you lose your temper
Is this too intensive or too time-demanding for you?
If you'd like to get the same superb results on a more leisurely and flexible timetable, then have a look at our '6 Minutes a Day' course.
"The only sure means of me learning to be a Welsh speaker"
Andy 1845651f6684a2acee313ab2709e2d9b26c780067ec03f06715d8b95911d9a45 Andy s 92c19a5afc7468b7de133451ec939682c4777a75fb78275930830122e1ad5361
"Already consider myself to be at the doorstep of fluency"
Chris f701d58f8ca01c8046161ffabd1333cc44ad5df8cc83770da5efae3675a62c2a Chris s 1b2254fdaa99410776bdfc4828f06fd054b873ff124fcf7301cbd570125b1b36
"Amazed at the degree of fluency I was able to achieve"
Daf d66967c754b9d8bf9a20bbc40cfc14e940b7d80e091d0cf5b84a024d3e3b37db Daf s 834c4080acb367aa8bf3cd0d7c9e9335d6788c8a5d26f4f7e0599c32e2850f78
"It was as though a light had gone on inside my head"
Gavin d5a74c52010398ffeee6fc75ed3018b305fad97c477e59e56e5d802ef90ade87 Gavin s d5d62f86a28d83bc5dc362e0626c089fc506c7e3da3a46be6c24da5b8375b2bd
"Never before has it felt so effortless!"
Marilyn fae2725c284c9813de270235fa4b645cd958a7b74a441cab3fd2e8b9dd532382 Marilyn s 5a90c68d71ecf446c5f426d65f5caaacbd208ce7716afa5a4e917d7758126585
"It is like being handed the keys of a Porsche"
Meirionwen 8625732017e4b6fcd401d6abc9500e1e75118102fe7f46c2a8cd8becfdd0c89b Meirionwen s 9a2cad418c7b20dcde4ceaf259082de8f9f47a9d791dc91e3fcfecae0fc72467
"The most inspired and liberating approach to language learning imaginable!"
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"I genuinely cannot believe how well I have got on"
Ruth 3bfb110b195175945e6382efee9641176caf4fc5e70a3e74da102ac7f650cb66 Ruth s 4b610409f06330eeb194f0e968e1ce5d00c223f84ffb2e3ba2cbdc38d38308ef
"Starting off a sceptic, I am now utterly converted"
Sara 76ac1b701c956b7f03e4c6c01901b7ec39d0e199306701fd2bb89e9b92c1054c Sara s bd17d2576210bee4495678414a0b969e1754fe347359e32f3c62c68c5d0dbf57
"Just 4 months later, I was watching a new S4C drama in Welsh"
Seren 9577ff46fd0a2132900065a43c6b605845a7354dfd40a805e0038a2d67f660c6 Seren s 662cad0ee6e02fb19eb6de92fabdb9001bc273297473ccee44178e6db2e37459