Intensive Welsh Courses

Our 'Brain Shock' intensive courses are ground-breaking.

Here are the kind of results we get:


Here's an overview of how and why this approach works:

Two different ways to go intensive

Our 5 day residential courses are £3,500 (+ vat) if you're happy to work in a pair with another of our learners, or £5,000 (+ vat) if you want to work one-on-one with a personal intensive tutor.

They take place in Nant Gwrtheyrn, and include accommodation and food. We guarantee that you will find them exhausting, and that they will make a transformational difference to your Welsh.

Or: our NEW approach

You set up a monthly payment of £300 (+ vat).

We book a place for you a YEAR later on a 5 day intensive with us - one-on-one with a personal tutor - in Nant Gwrtheyrn (your monthly payments finish permanently when you do the intensive).

We then give you a private channel inside our private community where you get a named personal tutor who will help you choose a monthly learning schedule for the year, and hop on a coaching call with you for up to an hour each month to help you keep to the schedule (as well as answering any questions you have at any time).

You'll hit the ground running - no, SPRINTING! - on the 5 day intensive, and you WILL be speaking with impressive confidence by the end of it - or we'll refund you. [It would be a real blow for us to get hit by a refund on a residential course, but it's never happened yet, so you can be confident we really know how to make this work...:-)]

Why is it better?

Spreading the payment, obviously.

But in learning terms - it gives your brain more time to consolidate what you learn before kicking up a gear into the intensive work - so you will get obviously and *dramatically* better results (even if you only do ONE DAY a month leading up to it).


Intensive monthly tutoring - in person

If you like the idea of doing just ONE day a month for a year, and then the 5 day intensive - but you'd like to make it one INTENSIVE day a month...

AND you'd like a personal tutor right there with you, to coach you and push you and motivate you and support you throughout the day...

Which we think would be the fastest model for language acquisition we've ever seen...

We can SEND a tutor to you - for one day a month - wherever you are in the world - for £1000 (+ vat) a month for the 12 months leading up to your 5 day intensive.


If you need MORE than confidence - if you need people to think you're pretty much FLUENT - we can send you an intensive tutor for 2 days a month, followed up by a 10 DAY intensive a year later, for £2000 (+vat) a month.

We think that's a challenge too far for almost everyone - it would completely rewire your brain over the course of those 12 months.

But if anyone IS madly passionate enough to take it on, it would be Aran's privilege to be your personal intensive coach, for the 2 days a month AND for the 10 day intensive. Aran developed the SaySomethingin Method and the 'Brain Shock' approach to intensive learning, has show-cased the method live on Radio 2 with Jeremy Vine, is working on projects with Radio Wales, and usually doesn't have time to do any hands-on intensive tutoring any more - but he would love to see the results if someone took this challenge on.


If you'd like to book a course (or arrange a chat to ask any questions you have) drop us a line at

We'll be in touch to explain our screening process - if you pass the screening process (which is to make sure that you're a good neurological fit for this level of intensity) then we'll be ready to go ahead and arrange the dates.

[The screening process costs £100, which is refunded if you don't pass, and deducted from the cost of your course if you do.]