The SSiW Six Month Welsh Speaker Course

Become a Welsh speaker in 6 months - or your money back

This course is based on our popular SaySomethingin Method, fine-tuned to include the most powerful tactics from our 10 day ‘Brain Shock’ intensive residential courses.

Our 10 day 'Brain Shock' courses are transformational, and with this 6 Month Welsh Speaker course, you're going to be covering the vast majority of what they achieve.

Here's a short video showing what a difference even one of our shorter, 5 day 'Brain Shock' courses makes:

But you're going to be achieving more than that - you're going to get through at least as much (and in some ways, more) than our 10 day 'Brain Shock' courses.

But because you're doing it at home - so we don't have to book accommodation for you - you won't need to pay £2000 for these results.


So how exactly will it work?

Each week, on Monday, you will receive a set of tasks (which will never take you more than 4 hours - and you choose when to complete them).

Each week, on a Thursday evening, you will be invited to a live group video call with a tutor - one session for questions and answers, one session for practising speaking and understanding. Any time you can’t make the class live, we’ll give you access to the recording.

You’ll also have 24 hour access to our forum and email support.

We’ll never leave you struggling to figure things out on your own.

At the end of the course, if you're not delighted with what you've achieved, we'll refund you in full.

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Payment required: £50.00.
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  • You choose your own schedule (no more missing classes)
  • You work in the comfort of your own home
  • You get to ‘meet’ your tutor and fellow learners via video
  • You get access to our proprietary learning materials
  • You get tasks built on the most successful elements of our 5 day intensive courses
  • You have 24 hour forum/email support
  • You become a Welsh speaker in 6 months (or we refund you)


  • You don’t get your own desk
  • You don’t get watery ‘Welsh class coffee’ in the break
  • You’re not close enough to your tutor to hit them if you lose your temper