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Thank you for becoming a member of the ffrinDiaith network!

So, how do I find a partner?

If you click on 'Members' above, you can search for a learner/speaker close to you (although if you want to choose someone from further away and get to know them via Skype, that's fine too!)

Once you've found a partner

Please go to the menu in the top right (marked with your name), and choose 'Make me unavailable' - that way, you won't get unwanted messages from other people still looking for a partner.

How often should we meet?

This is entirely up to you - but we recommend that whatever works for the both of you, try to make it regular - whether that's once a week, once a fortnight, or once a month.  A chat of half an hour to an hour will probably be best.

Where should we meet?

You should meet somewhere in public - a cafĂ©, a pub, a community centre - for more details, please click on 'Keeping safe' over on the left.  Of course, you can also chat in other ways - online, via Skype, via telephone.

How long should I stay in touch with my ffrinDiaith?

You don't have to stay in touch for ever!  You can leave the network at any time, for good or just for a breather - just click on 'Profile and settings' under 'Your Account' down at the bottom on the left, and you'll be able to switch off your account or delete it entirely.