Special content for intermediate and advanced learners

After focusing on absolute beginners for 10 years, at SaySomethinginWelsh we’ve now turned our eyes to giving our intermediate learners - and intermediate learners who aren’t learning with SSiW - a bit of extra rocket fuel.

We’ve started publishing what we think is the fastest single way to go from intermediate to seriously advanced.

Building vocab in bulk

Once you have the core of the language, and you can take part in a conversation (even a fairly limited one), you need to get used to understanding the language at normal speed, and you need to become familiar with more and more words.

Most intermediate learners get told to listen to radio and watch S4C.

This isn’t bad advice - it WILL get you there eventually - but it’s a VERY painful and slow process, because you’re trying to get used to faster speeds AND lots of new words at the same time.

It’s all much faster and easier if what you’re listening to is comprehensible - you’ll hear ‘comprehensible input’ mentioned a lot in language learning theories. The difference it makes is enormous.

A new approach

So this is what we’ve put together for you.

There are around forty 30 minute interviews with people from all walks of Welsh life - with a transcript and a translation for each interview.

There are also fiction pieces written especially for us which have a transcript and vocab, as well as shorter diary-style guest pieces by Bethan Gwanas, Daniel Glyn and Luke Davies which also have a transcript and vocab.

We recommend you listen once, then read the transcript, then listen again, then read the translation or vocab, and then listen one last time.

We’re confident this will transform the speed at which you become an entirely natural and confident Welsh speaker.

You can get access now for £10 a month - that’s £2.50 for each of these nuggests of accelerated learning gold - and we’re going to be spending your subscription on providing more and more intermediate-learner-friendly content - short stories, songs, maybe even short films - ALL of which will have something to listen to, a transcript and a translation or vocab.

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Here’s what our existing subscribers already think of it:

We are so lucky to have this facility. I think it will be enormously helpful, and more so because we will be treated to the beauty of hearing different accents and dialects. Bois bach, you spoil us!
This is great. I like listening to Beti a’i Phobol but it gets frustrating because there are so many words that I can’t catch and many other words that I can hear but don’t know, and can’t remember when I get a chance to look them up. Beca a’i Phobol will be just what I need.
A big thankyou, Beca and all for this. It definitely surpasses my expectations. You are so clear and yet so natural. I love the triple transcripts idea. I ended up understanding every single word and learning some new construction variations along the way. I am really looking forward to catching some dialect from various parts of Wales.
Thanks for this, have just listened to it and think it’s great. Looking forward to hearing some more! Beca speaks very clearly.
Perfect, thanks Beca a pawb. Really useful.
I’ve just had a listen on the laptop to this new section and I think this is the final piece of the jigsaw for me.
Really enjoyed that thanks . Very interesting and will be very useful as it is exactly how I hear Welsh spoken on the street . Looking forward to the next one.
A brilliant resource. Really looking forward to more!
This is just what I needed! Diolch o galon Aran, Beca a phawb!
Great stuff, Beca, this is just what someone like me needs.
There was a huge difference from the first time I listened to it to the last one in my ability to “catch” words and sentences, and it took way less effort to do it - and in a very short time. So I’m really happy about it!
Gisella Albertini

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And one added bonus - unlike radio or TV, you’ll be able to chat about any parts of a conversation that you didn’t quite get with Beca herself (who does the interviews) on the SSiW forum - imagine having access to a radio or TV presenter so you could say ‘I didn’t quite follow that - what were you trying to say?’...:-)