Intensive Coaching
Our intensive coaching packages are currently only available for Spanish and Welsh. If you’d like to hear when we open them for new languages, please click here.
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Accelerated Learning (starter kit)


You’ll start off with a one hour session with one of our language coaches to map out a personal Accelerated Learning approach for you - followed up by two more one hour sessions to practise your new language and assess your progress. Click here to purchase and set up your initial appointment.
Accelerated Learning (weekly coaching)

Starts from £500

You can join our weekly coaching programme on a one-to-one basis or as part of a small group (maximum 5 members). For 4 weeks, you will have a one hour call each Friday evening, to assess your progress, answer your questions, and give you the opportunity to speak and hear your new language. Click here for more details.
High Intensity (group daily coaching)

Starts from £2,500

With our unique High Intensity approach, you will spend 5 full days with one of our coaches testing your personal learning limits in a small group (maximum 5 members). The 5 days can be consecutive or separated by up to a month. Click here for more details.
High Intensity Platinum (personal daily coaching)

Starts from £5,000

Our Platinum personal coaching offers you 5 to 10 full days of intensive one-to-one language learning: if you choose the 10 day option, we guarantee that you will acquire conversational competence in your new language. Click here for more details.
This is language learning at maximum intensity.
That's why it works.
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