Welcome to this special offer for Omniglot readers!

We think you show a lot of good taste by reading Omniglot (which is one of our favourite language blogs), and we're always delighted to welcome people of good taste to our learning community, so we're very happy to be able to offer you the lower-than-usual price of £39 for our complete Spanish Level 1.

You'll get immediate access to 25 audio sessions of approximately half an hour each, and we'll also throw in 5 free listening exercises that use our unique accelerated system to trigger neurological changes that will help you to understand Spanish speakers.

And because we'd never want to upset Simon over at Omniglot, if for any reason you're not happy with what you get, just let us know and we'll give you an immediate 100% hassle-free refund - we'll still be friends, and you'll still be welcome on our free support forum! :-)