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using the unique and powerful SaySomethingin Method

Our entire method is based on forcing your brain to create and retain memories, which is what turns you into a Welsh speaker — it’s tough and challenging, but it works. Learn to speak Welsh with SaySomethingin now!

You get a new set of tasks and challenges every week, you complete them when and where you want, and you improve noticeably every single week.

Every week, you get the chance to use your new Welsh in a group video with a live tutor, which brings the language to life for you (and any time you need to skip, you can watch the recording instead).

“I am on week 18 and I love it more than I can say!! my welsh colleagues cannot believe how much I have learned. Before Christmas I told my manager that I had decided to abandon my Duolingo Premium and buy this.
My mind is blown. Long may you prosper, crucially, we need to make sure other people know how amazing it is!!!”

Beth, Flintshire

English Welsh Course

  • Access to the unique SaySomethingin Method speaking exercises
  • Access to the unique SaySomethingin Method accelerated listening exercises
  • Online control panel for weekly challenges
  • Access to SaySomethingin forum and support community
  • Tutor-led online video practice sessions
  • Tutor-led online video Q&A help sessions
  • Weekly newsletter

£10 a month + applicable taxes

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